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How to talk to an archaeologist in the wild

I have been doing a lot of CRM lately, often in well-traveled areas. It seems like almost daily someone stops to ask us: “What are you doing?” “Have you found anything cool?” “What are you hoping to find?” Sometimes followed by… “I didn’t know there were Native American sites here” When people have asked these … Continue reading


CRM Archaeology: Phase I Testing (Part 1)

This post is part of a series on CRM archaeology. For more information about CRM please see CRM Archaeology: Cultural Resource Management. CRM archaeology is divided into three phases. The first phase combines research and field work to determine if the area under study has any sites within its borders. Additionally, site boundaries will be identified … Continue reading

Why is archaeology important?

Why is archaeology important?

There is an obvious answer here- archaeology helps us to understand our human past and to preserve this knowledge for future generations. Unfortunately, as I’m sure every archaeologist can attest it seems like archaeology has become irrelevant to the American public and government. As our culture comes to favor hard sciences, ‘progress’, and ‘innovation’ the … Continue reading

CRM / Frequently Asked Questions

CRM Archaeology: Cultural Resource Management

When most people hear archaeology they think of grand excavations in Greece, Italy, Egypt and South America. But there is archaeology that occurs all over the U.S. and a large component of this is Cultural Resource Management or CRM archaeology. CRM archaeologists work to preserve cultural heritage by surveying land for areas of archaeological significance. … Continue reading